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Natural Gas Lines

Hot Water Heater, All Sizes, Installed and Serviced

Water Softener Installation

Faucet, Toilet and Sink Installation and Repair

Sump pumps Installation

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation

Garbage Disposal Installation

Electric Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Sewerage Ejectors Installation and Repair

Hot Water and Steam Boiler Installation

Heating Systems installed and Serviced
Bathroom Remodeling

Sewer & Drain Maintenance


Interchangeable hub reels, internal battery, and line tracing allow for a more versatile method of locating and mapping out sewer lines.


A 1080p HD self-leveling camera gives us the ability to digitally zoom 4x at the inspection site and locate any issues.


This inspection system can take photos and record video, allowing us to share it with you either by email or a USB flash drive.

Sump Pump Line Service

Installing a Sump Pump Line reduces the risk of basement flooding and foundation damage. T.C. plumbing and Heating can handle any type of Sump Pump issue such as loose or cracked pipes, failing pumps, damaged sump pits, you name it! FOR EMERGENCIES CALL: 908-296-5010

Images displayed: Installation of a 3 Inch Discharge Line from the house to the street for Sump Pump Line with 2 Roof drains from house to street.